A real Education for a Concrete outcome

Since the past millennium, we have been moving into a new era of international relations and diplomacy. The Diplomatic School of Paris is an International School of Diplomacy that offers various trainings that will cover the fundamentals of diplomatic practices, and focuses on real-world aspects of work in embassies, consulates, government ministries, international organizations, and global NGOs. The authentic material emphasizes a skills-based and experiential-learning approach. You will learn a know-how that is usually not covered by academic curricula. French language classes will also be offered because we strongly believe that mastering the French language and France’s rich culture is the key to  success in the field of internal relations and diplomacy.
Our instructors are experts, professionals, diplomats, champions in their respective fields. They teach the skills that they have acquired over decades of honing their craft in the practice of diplomacy and managing international relations. They will provide invaluable first-hand insight into policymaking and implementation, diplomatic protocol, the functions and management of embassies and consulates, diplomatic reporting and writing, negotiation and mediation, political and economic tradecraft, public diplomacy, cross-cultural communication, cyber diplomacy, and many other traits that will make you a first-rate diplomat!

Emanuele Di Salvo
Founder & President

Washington DC